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Default Re: Keeping the disc brake while adding a large driven sprocket on the rear

Originally Posted by WightBoy View Post
I have not, just the only thing I have seen for that application.
Are you saying bolting the sprocket to the disc mounts?
Yes, thats all the top hat adapter does for you. If you had a solid sprocket all you would have to do is drill out your center hole, your mounting holes and make a few collars to give a little space between the disc and sprocket for the chain.

This is how I would have done it if I had known. I can get sprockets way cheaper then the top hat adapter. But since I had already purchased the top hat adapter I figured I'd better make it work.

I'm running a 36t sprocket and 160mm rotor. the plan was for a 210mm rotor but the top hat adapter pushes my rotor too far out to where it hits the chain stay. So i had to go with a 160mm rotor instead.
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