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Default Re: Hello from Central Florida!

Originally Posted by Master-shake View Post
the astra sounds like a good first project. Believe it or not the dark sister of your build bike "The evil Onyx"
is the the bike that got my attention..

I have this build starting here.
involves the black version.
I read a few threads on the Onyx when I was lurking here last week. The store had both. I decided I wanted the gears and front brake more than I wanted the black color. I want to run a shift kit so the derailer will be great. I like the idea of buying the 29 inch MT bike for donor parts. I'll start doing that once I get mine up and running in it's stock form. We have a REALLY well stocked MT Bike shop about 100 yards from my house with a really great MT Bike park nearby as well. TONS of spare bike parts around here!!!!
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