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Default Re: WOW ! I thought I was on my own...

Cheers Curt.

I bought some more supplies to get me moving again this week, a big lump of alloy for the rear wheel spaces which are now done, a 12 mm 1.25 pitch die an die holder for shortening the thread on the girder forks top spinndle, a cheapo drill stand and vice an a load of big drill bits.
I ran down to Manworld to drill out the 12mm front wheel spindle but its a 30 mile round trip so for the poxy little jobs the drill stand will come in handy, I'm not used to setting it up yet though because the first two spindles were...a bit wonky, there ok though, he's a vid of me drilling out genuine off center holes. It'll be good having it on wheels proper for a change, It'll certanly make it easier for the Mrs to move it into the yard when shes cleaning up


Front wheel rim+ spokes+ building 205.
Front tyre 55.
Rim tape 1.50
Frame straightening 40
Front wheel spindle 30.
Split pins 1.50
12mm drill bit 7.00
Pie tax to use manworlds piller drill, 2 x mince beef & onion 1 x meat & potatoe (Hollands)
Drill stand 31
Blacksmith Drill bits 30
Drill sharpener 8
Vice for drill 8
Cutting disks 9
Alloy 8
12mm 1.25 Pitch die, & holder 15
6mm die & holder 13
Cutting oil 6

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