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Default Re: The Happy Time Teardrop Tank Is Not Flowing.

Ted, the carbs are being fed by the tanks below the engines. There is no fuel flow from the centralized teardrop tank to either engine tank. I don't think both lines would coincidently be plugged by sealant after the tee fitting.

The fuel filter is now filled with gas.

I think it is air in the fuel lines ANNND insufficient fuel SUCTION from the carbs, especially since there are no fuel pumps. I think another part of the problem is the fact that the rear engine's tank is higher than the lowest part of the new fuel line. That is why there is no siphoning effect to the rear engine.

What has led me to that conclusion is that before I revamped the fuel system, my new engine would stall after every two miles of running. I would have to get off the bike and loosen the fuel cap. The engine would restart after two pulls and perform perfectly for the next two miles and quit again.

Yesterday was my second day of running the revamped bike, and I've logged about 30 miles. The new engine has NOT quit on me once, which proves there is no longer a vaccum problem because of excessive air in the fuel system.

What I'll do to troubleshoot this problem is separate the fuel lines feeding the engines' tanks. Since the front engine's tank is completely below the teardrop tank and its line, fuel should then siphon downwardinto the front engine's tank. If it doesn't, I'll open the cap to remove air trapped in the tank. Then fuel MUST flow, according to the laws of physics.(unless the lines are plugged, which I doubt)

With the rear engine's tank ABOVE the feeding fuel lines, I need to RAISE the bike's front when I want to transfer fuel from teardrop tank to rear engine tank. Gravity SHOULD allow fuel to flow downward into the tank. I can't open the tank because the cap is on the tail end and will spill fuel. The air in the rear tank will have to escape thru the fuel line to the teardrop tank. If the air cannot escape, I will have to either drill and tap an air valve (hole) in the tank near the fuel inlet ORRR carry a siphon hose and use that to transfer gas from teardrop tank to rear engine tank.

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