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Default Fellow Virginian takes to the road

Hello from VA. I have an old bike my mom bought for me when I was 15. A 1996 Schwinn Clear Creek 21spd MTB. When I turned 31, I found this forgotten gem and started riding it around. I found out about these engines last year and purchased a Grubee Skyhawk GT5A last year from Kingsmotorbikes. I had fun riding around the neighborhood and extended backroads until I blew the engine mid-summer. After blowing 2 more top ends this fall/winter, I ended up buying another 66cc engine from a seller on ebay (yeah I know, stay away from boygofast). I've been extra nice on the throttle this time and have learned from my mistakes. If you drop a wrist pin's C-clip in the crank case, it's worth the effort of a tear down and not worth the money of killing 2 pistons and cylinders :-(
I can't wait for the spring weather so I can finish breaking in the new engine. I purchased a 36t sprocket before blowing the first engine and I am anxious to try it out. I also have another bike and engine coming to me this weekend (unknown 49cc).
I've already swapped out the spark plug(NGKBPR6 I think) and wire and noticed a huge difference in acceleration. I also swapped out the fuel line and added an extra fuel filter. NT "speed" carb and "banana" muffler were added as well. I've replaced almost everything else on the bike itself.
This is a great hobby and awesome way to get around. I turn so many heads when I ride. I have never been one to seek attention, but I think it's fun. I have to doctor some of my photos to meet the size requirements for posting, but I hope to post some on my profile soon. Anyone else in the Roanoke Valley post here?
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