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Default Hello from Central Florida!

I've been wanting to build a motorbike for a while now. I ride Harleys and will probably be buying a big dualsport in the next few months. Thats all fun but I want to spend some time with the kids actually BUILDING something that doesnt' cost a fortune. Something we can ALL have fun with.

I'm headed off to Walmart to pick up a Genisis Astra. That will be the base of our first build. This weekend I'm following up on some craigslist ads for parts and motors. Depending on how that goes, I will order whatever else I need on Monday. My goal is a 4 stroke with a shift kit that is built right and reliable.

Being a knifemaker, I have a well equiped machine shop. I have friends that build motorcyle, chopper and race bike parts here so in that respect, I should be all set. I really don't want another exepensive Harley project, I want something we can work on and ride in a matter of days, not years!!! And maybe build another without having to sell the first one

I've been enjoying my lurking, reading and education here. Thanks for a great source of knowledge!!
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