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Default Re: How much did your build cost?

Originally Posted by LabRat View Post
LOL So what's your occupation UVsaturated, "get everything for free". Son? ROFL hahahaha herm I do have fond memories of when I was son. Nupe
It's easy. I just changed my concept of how I view money. Money is not mine, it is owned wholly by the people of the United States, which is represented by the various clowns in Washington. I view money not as a commodity in and of itself, but as a tool, so in essence when I get money, it is given to me freely and I spend it here and there when I need parts.

But to really answer your question on my profession, I was a Journeyman CNC Machinist for about 15 years, with some other experience in fabrication and steel service centers. I'm also certified in CAD, not that that helped me get any job.

Right now I am unemployed still due to the crash of 2009. That made me homeless for a while and I am still picking up the pieces and trying to rebuild my life. It's a long personal story, but you have a little bit of my background.

So when I say free, truly I am blessed if I get some work at all on the side. Anytime I am working, I consider it fun otherwise I wouldn't be doing it and then I get some cash here and there from time to time and I invest in the little frugal things that count on my motorized bike.
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