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Default Great results with Bi-tron polar oil treatment

Well I promised that I would report on the bi-tron engine treatment oil additive.

For those of you who don't know it is 100% petroleum parrafin based oil (High Flash point) which has been treated to make it polar or better able to stick to and penetrate metal parts especially when hot.

Well it DOES appear to stick to the piston and cilinder walls very well, whats more it does not vapourise or burn in any way shape or form. I started using it after cleaning the carbon from the piston top and after 10 litres of petrol I took off the cylinder to change a leaking engine gasket. To my pleasant surprise the piston top was coated in a wet layer of oil. Remarkable seeing as I had done a full throttle plug chop before opening.

After the first tank I noticed that the engine would rev up more smoothly and overall feels like it is happier being pushed hard. The engine seems to never get too hot either. A sign of reduced friction?

Overall I can feel the stuff doing its thing although maybe not as dramatically as hoped. I must point out that I have flogged my engine hard I put on 60 or so km per week! and deal with some big hills. I would love to see what this stuff does for a new engine. My rings are worn and cylinder scored a bit.

Dramatic and almost instant results in the clutch/drive shaft! The friction and noise in this area dropped almost instantly after adding a tiny bit into it. When coasting with the clutch in down a hill the bike rolls really well.

Overall so far so good. It goes a long way too I add 20ml per 5 litres of petrol with regular oil at 32:1. I am going to drop the regular oil content next because it seems to be more oil rich with the bi-tron. I have a hunch that if used regularly it will safely allow 50:1 with a good synth oil.
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