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Default Scratches in the bore

I just took off my exhaust pipe to "gasketize" the gasket with some copper permatex due to a leak. Had the opportunity to look into the port and look at a section of the rings, port and the piston crown. All really clean with some very slight granule like deposits on the piston crown and the black coating of the rings about half worn off showing silver, I am on my second tank and running 20:1 gas/oil. What disturbs me is some major scoring, vertical stripes ( duh!! ) on the bore on the sides of the intake ports. Don't know how deep they are. Engine runs fine, been running it really rich at break in, plugs are more opaque than brown, more like dark gray. I have noticed a lot of the casting impressions on the intake ports. Could it be that they left a lot of machining metal files in the crank to be inducted into the chamber? Or is this just something to be expected at break in. Does anyone know what the bench mark compression ratio of these engines when new? When run in? Either way with the price of these engines and the fun factor, can I really argue? I'm just gonna drive it til it quits/granades/melts, going to do some endurance testing when I go to the Grand Canyon, AZ the later part of week. Gonna really see if they can get 100 to 150 MPG with GPS. Also going to be testing if running 20 minutes at 80% to 100% throttle or more are going to seize or destroy the engine. Should be fun.
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