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Default Re: How much did your build cost?

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
I keep track of every penny I spend on a build. I even go so far as to keep a folder and put all of my purchase receipts in it as well as a computer file.
After the last three builds I never total up the cost because it's scary. If I took what I've spent on the last three bikes I could have bought a motorcycle.

But would I be having as much fun????????????????

Tom, your builds are art. Functional art. If I hit lotto I am gonna send you a grant on the condition you ignore costs.

Did I tell you this? I sure meant to but was at townfair tire buying, oddly enough, tires and got to bs'n with one of the sales guys and he mentioned Denis Hopper and Easy Rider. I whip out my smarter then me phone and show him pics of your build. LOL, he went about nutz. Gave him the addy to here and told him your nic but haven't seen him. Might be lurking, I guess. was just funny how much he wanted your bike. I told him to build one.
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