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Default Re: How much did your build cost?

I built the tour de hood bike for zero dollars with parts from another bike. Spent nothing to get this bike on the street. That being said I began to write down all the parts that are on my bike and broke down the cost to get what I have money wise in the bike if I were to build this bike from scratch with no parts laying around.

Tour de hood frame - $50 (this is estimated b/c I can't find a price on the frame and I'm assuming this to be a "pawn shop" price.
Bars - $25 from sunlite
Forks - $65 from f&r
Springer seat - $26 from walmart
White walls - $27/pair kenda urban 26" 1.75 from ebay
Slime inner tubes - $24/pair from walmart
Wheel set - $79.99 26" x 2.125 36 spoke with coaster brake rear hub steel HD wheelset from ebay
Engine kit - $224.99 + $19.99 shipping 80cc HT from
Carb - $29.99 RT carb from
Throttle cable - $7.49 42"RT throttle cable from thatsdax
Cylinder head - $30 puch hi hi head from treatland
Sprocket & adapter - $79 hub adapter and 40t sprocket from
Chain - $25 #40 roller chain + master links
Plug - $2.75 ngk B7HS from autoparts local
Plug wire - $1.75 7mm automotive plug wire from autoparts local
Gas tank - $74 whizzer tank from

Grand total not including labor - $791.95

Now granted you could deff scrimp on some of the things I listed but everything listed is on my bike except kenda whitewalls although I will have purchased white walls shortly installing them the second they show up at my door. I neglected hand grips and a thumb throttle but other than that that's every part I have on the bike. Also some of the things come with the kit ( such as twist grip throttle, which was reason I left off thumb throttle and grips) but I upgraded them such as chain, carb, throttle cable(rt carb uses special cable but can be adapted to use stock cable), sprocket, plug, plug wire, gas tank, and cylinder head

I would let this build go for $1000 (seems super high to me looool but I deff have $200 in labor in this beast)
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