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Default Re: How much did your build cost?

i don't think any of my bikes cost me over $500 to build.

everything on my bikes is top quality, from the seats to the brake cables. i don't skimp on anything, and you're not gonna find any cheap garbage on any of my bikes.

i find it amazing how much people spend to build a cookie-cutter walmart bike, when mine usually cost much less, and sell for 5 times more.

it's all about fabricating parts yourself and knowing where to score the deals.

my current build is using all parts i had laying around, most of it is almost new, or vintage parts i found over the years (like a superpratic b throttle that runs about $100 on ebay, i scored 6 of them for 70 bucks ) so all the money's been spent a while ago, so it doesn't seem like i'm paying anything for it.

i figure i'll put $100 more into it for cables, a petcock, and a plug wire...

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