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Default Re: How much did your build cost?

Josh, I have a rule. I never do the math. If you think about this logically, a motorized bicycle is a poor second to a moped or scooter. The great joy of this is your build is a one of a kind piece of functional art. No kidding, I take my bikes inside my local Graingers to buy parts for the next build. Just because there will be a ton of folks who offer some really great ideas. Employees and customers. That is the fun! To build some thing cool. All your own and just plain cool.

I think I have the coolest motorized bicycle ever made. At rallies, no one ever takes pics of mine to post. 'cause there is way better then mine, but my baby is the sweetest motorized bicycle ever built in my wee lil brain and just beautiful.

Screw the cost. Build some thing awesome, call her "she" and enjoy the ride.
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