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Default Re: How much did your build cost?

After being in the goped/dirt bike scene for a few years, I built my first bike which was a real POS that barely went together correctly. It was all stock, the bike was 170 and the kit was 180, but we had to replace some parts and make a few things so after it was "done" it cost me around $400.

After getting into gopeds again, I built another motorbike because i just cant shake the addiction of motor bikes . It was the same type of bike but I knew what to do this time. I replaced all hardware that came with the kit, and had the correct parts ready. After it was done it cost about $500.

Then after buying yet another goped and getting pulled over a bunch, I built myself a HS fourstroke that i was going to use as my only bike untill a new thing comes along. I put everything i wanted on it since it will be my last bike for a while. Felt bike, custom exhaust, billet crank, sprocket adapter, speedometer, tach, etc. After it was done, I spent about $1,000. This bike is now my pride and joy (besides my PC).

Hope I had some useful info!
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