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Default Re: How much did your build cost?

I'm not going to attempt to figure out what my other two bikes cost to build, because I can't remember everything. I will tell you what my current build cost me, what I estimate the actual value of parts to be, what parts and engine I'm using, and what I'm going to value the complete bike at (not that I would ever sell it). The parts and engine cost me right around $800. I estimate the actual value of all the parts to be at least $1000, because I got some parts for free or at a discounted price. Now for parts. 98cc Lifan engine, American made Schwinn cruiser frame, Suzuki K10 hudraulic motorcycle forks, Worksman seat, Worksman steel front wheel with drum brake, handlebars of unknown origin, Huffy rear wheel with coaster brake, Howard sprocket adapter, Moped headlight, OSI soft motorcycle saddlebags, 4 liter gas tank from luckyearlybird, Crow cycles center kickstand, some seatpost clamp type luggage rack, spring loaded chain tensioner from ebay, kmc 410 chain, custom made jackshaft transmission. I will value the complete bike at $2000.

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