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Default Re: TX biker, Looking For info.

Originally Posted by biknut View Post
Hi Master-shake, welcome to the forum from Dallas.

I can help you with that bike, I built one for a friend of mine. As far as $150 bikes go, it's probably one of the best to use. It has a very strong frame, and the wheels are stronger than avarage for a low end bike. You can use a Pirate Cycle adapter

Normall I recommend Flying Horse motors, but because all the tubes are so big on an Oynx you might be better off getting a Power King motor from Pirate. The motor has the big front mount, and the rear mount is the right size for the seat post tube.

You'll need different handle bars. The stock ones are 1" and won't fit the throttle handle. The stock gas tank is challenging to mount. It possible you should try to find a different one.

The bike turned out great, but personally I didn't like it very much. It's just that it's so big. Everything on it is big, and tall. If you're 6'2" you'll probably like it a lot. Here's a pic.

Awesome post BN, thanks.
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