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Default FNG from Alabama

So, you guessed my name already. I like motorcycles. I like bikes. I like anything with two wheels really, cause I suck at skateboards and cars suck money.

We ran into an odd character on a dualsport meet up on a motorized bike. He was having a blast. We were having a blast. It stuck with me:

This is the kind of stuff we usually do, and have a blast at it:

My drz is great for single track, commuting, gymkhana, all that stuff. BUT, the really hard stuff, is getting harder every ride. A xr250 isn't light enough anymore, and even a dr200 is looking 'big' for the nasty climbs and crap terrain. So here I am, considering motorizing my old mountain bike, or buying a real badass setup with a 180cc 2smoke and dual suspension, to lug my 40 year old ass around.

There, that's my intro. Hello
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