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Originally Posted by OG-Whizzerdude View Post
What type of grinder head is used to cope tubing to its self before welding. Is air drive or electric the best why to go.
OG, I'd say to use a belt drive grinder. This would allow for a much cleaner smoother finish. After notching a piece of tubing.

Or you can use an air drive grinder with tapered grinding heads, air dirive will give you much greater speed control when cleaning a notched tube.

If this is what you are try to accomplish, either way let us know what you've found to work for you.

Know if this question is in regards to notching steel tubing, my suggesting is to clamp a grinder in a vise, then use a magic marker outining your tubing that you want to cope / fishmouth and makesure you have a level table to slowly cutout the fishmouth to fit the two pieces of steel together for a tight fit.

Correct me if I misunderstood the question.

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