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Default Re: TX biker, Looking For info.

hey guys,

I've decided on one part for the bike and am looking for more. I've chosen this hub adaptor because I noticed as lot of complaints about the rear hub falling apart and no replacement parts being available.

I'm putting my trust in pirate bikes for this part over any other place because of price and asthetics.

As for the engine mounts I'm leaning towards these sway bar holders. I feel that because they are usable in an actual vehicle, they will be more than sturdy enough to support the engine as engine mounts. I'm actually looking for a black on black version at the moment.

Lets see, thats a sprocket and engine mounts. I have a lot more digging around on this website to clue me into other parts.

Anyone got a suggestion on a motor? A quiet motor is very important to me! I really dont want to be advertising that I'm riding a "Barely legal" bike
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