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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Worked on the last of my belt tensioning designs.

The first of three belts in the transmission has the idler. I shimmed the inside of the 1/2 inch bolt shoulder to get it to fit snug in the 1/2 inch bushing reducer for the flat idler pulley. The bracket welding finished and made cuts in the protective safety cover and will be finishing the cover later.

By a long shot the regular vee-belts have better grabbing power than either the link type belts. The back of the link type belts on a flat idler pulley I think is not a good idea, so the Gates Brand Powerated green color belt is perfect.

Harbor Freight selling the Acculink green color link type belt is not as good for the stretch I found it has as compared to the Grainger selling the more expensive brand Powertwist Plus red color belt. Powertwist Plus has next to no stretch at all.

Both link belts are out shined by the Powerated regular vee-belt though, so I'm going with all three belts in my 40:1 ratio 3hp 4stoke Briggs dual purpose, parade / dirt bike.

Gates Powerated belt I got from Oreilly Auto.


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