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Default Bairdco Built For Speed Bike...

been putting a new bike together over the weekend.

the frame is an unknown 24" BMX cruiser i got at the swap meet for 50 bucks, and could possibly be an S&S (the same S&S that made Headers for cars for years, till finally going bust,) which would make it the only 24" Newport Cruiser known in existence, and worth a ton of money to nostalgic old BMX'rs.

but i don't care, i'm gonna wreck it by putting a motor in it (but i ain't gonna weld the frame or nuthin...)

i built me some handlebars out of some old... handlebars. this gave me a chance to use the reverse levers i've had laying around forever. if i can figure it out i might make an internal throttle.

welded up the front fork from an old 30's bike with truss rods.

worked on the tank all day. needs some more work.

built an HT motor that's gonna be really fast.

i'm gonna chain it up in the backyard near the sprinklers and sprinkle salt on it for paint.

i gotta go now. more later...
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