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Default Re: how to lengthen steerer tube on a bicycle

Originally Posted by curtisfox View Post
Yep i have done it a couple of times. What i did was use another bike fork and cut the fork tube off it and welded it together with a sleve like yours. Left a 1/8" gap for weld but i cross drilled mine were the sleve is and roseset welded the hole shut. Did the same to shroten a girls bike fork,cut a section out and welded it back togther..............Curt

PS one should put the bottom bearing rase on it first before welding.
Hay thanks for the PS, just that I find the thread 4 days to late. Had to grind out a good weld now I dont trust the weld. So I started over. Following Paul's leed with the sleve. Thanks Paul, did not think to do that the first time either.
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