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Default Re: Hello From Boise, ID

Originally Posted by zombie68 View Post
Well, another few months away from the forum, but I FINALLY, started a build today. I'm putting together a kit from BikeBerry (Micargi/66cc Angle Fire).
It's been a struggle to say the least. Parts not fitting, wrong parts, defective Chinese hardware, etc.
They really should have included Xanax in the kit as well...o.0
Any one here put together the same kit and have any pointers for me?
The first thing I would recommend is NEVER use anything other than a Grubee engine. Friend of mine got a 2010 48cc Grubee around the same time as I got my 2009 Flying Jacka$$ and he was still running it last year. He was going to either rebuild the engine or buy another to switch with the one with the worn out bearing on his Grubee with 2000 miles on it.

When I bought one of those Flying Jacka$$ kits several years ago...thought I had gotten a good bargain from having to buy the Grubee kit I couldn't afford. Rode it less than two miles and ended up pedaling it home the other two miles. Eventually put less than a 100 miles on it and could never get it to even start after that. Ended up replacing the CDI at least three times. Others might love them...but my experience with these kits are like riding a Harley from when AMF owned them. Ended up trading it out to my buddy and he never forgave me for doing this trade.

Just remember this one for these non-Grubee type kits..."ride a mile...walk the rest". Personally...I would buy a Grubee engine and take that Flying Jacka$$ engine out to the field for target practice. Spend the money and have no headaches.
Hope to tooling all over Colorado Springs & the Front Range
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