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Default Re: What's your average speed?

Originally Posted by Trey View Post
Your idling speed is my average I understood that an engine should not be idled high enough to propell the bike?

I've not heard that before... might be something to it, might not. I mentioned it because when Harley and I are out for a ride, I usually idle along with her while she has some throttle open (not a lot, she's not a speed freak like I am ). I'm not sure what the top speed on her bike is, it's only just past break-in and she's not one to wind it out the way I do. I think her TS is around 40-45 kph, using the same 66cc but with a 48T sprocket on the wheel (and a bit more over-all load on the motor). If I ride her bike (apart from my knees hitting my elbows when I pedal) it'll pop the front end up if I drop the clutch at high RPMs due to that torque sprocket.
I've always run high idle speeds, years ago when I was a delivery guy my beaters used to be dialed in to idle at around 45 kph, just a little below traffic speed.

(By the way folks, a quick guideline is that 10 kph / km is a little over 6 mph / miles [6.21 if you want to get finicky about it].)


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