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Living in New England, cops are for the most part sort of "don't bother me and I won't bother you" Had one female officer just smile from ear to ear and wave. Most of the time they just look away almost as if they don't wanna be bothered. The cops in my little town are great though. Usually a smile and wave.

The closest I came to a problem was this huge MC cop in Hartford. He was sitting on his bike on the opposite side of a 4 way intersection. He saw and heard me and sat bolt upright on his saddle in an aggressive posture. I grin like an idiot most of the time when I'm ridding and waved. (I said like!) Could see him physically relax. I had inadvertently communicated that I was not a problem or threat. Was kinda funny. A full on conversation, a 150 ft away from each other with out a word.
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