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Default Re: WOW ! I thought I was on my own...

Thanks gearnut I'm gona look into that.

This girder front end is driving me bonkers !
To cut a long explanation short- its worn out, Its not beyond repair though but I have got to alter it a bit by drilling out the original linc threads, the linkage bolts have huge wear points on them and try as i might I could not get them to re-screw into the fork sides on the top linkage so I've had to completely drill it out and by good luck the CG spindle is also the same size and fits perfectly I just have to cut and re-thread the end and machine some grease points into it and the jobs a goodun, I'll have to do the same to the bottom one before it goes on the road and where it bolts onto the headstock also needs machining and thinwall bush's inserting.
Heres a pic of the worn top bolt.

I got the front wheel spindle back from the engineers and he's done a cracking good job on it I think, I also got the tank back and he'd managed to get the cap off with out wrecking it an more good news is the inside of the tank is in really good nick.

I couldnt resist chucking it together a bit to see what it looks like
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