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Thumbs up $110.00 Bicycle Cargo Trailer review

$110.00 Bicycle Cargo Trailer Review.

I was in need of a Bicycle Cargo Trailer I could not afford to spend $350.00+ on one, so I did a lot of searching for a good but cheap Bicycle Cargo Trailer.
I came across the Aosom Elite II Bicycle Cargo Trailer for $110.00 shipping included .
I purchased the Trailer and after using it for 30 days of use here is my findings .

First the good thing I like about the Bike Cargo Trailer

Price $110.00 USD For $110.00 it would be hard to build a better one , it would cost you more $110.00 in parts and labor

20 inch tires ( Aosom has a $100.00 BCT but it has 16Ē Tires instead of 20Ē Tires)

Hauls up to 180 pounds (far more then even most $350- $600.00 BCT)
I have personally hauled 140-150 pounds with no problem pulled it 20+ miles at 15- 20 MPH pulled great.

Pulls real easy, no jerking, no pushing the bike back and forth, no jumping around and or swerving back and forth when empty or full, when its empty you can not tell itís even back there

Has a man made Fabric removable top cover and it has fabric sites.

Folds up for storage

Can be mad into a flat bed .

The bottom is 100% steal not plastic like most BCTís

Thing I do not like about the Bike Cargo Trailer

The Tire Rimís wheel bearings suck are very cheap and will not last no time I already had 1 break.
The good thing is you can replace the wheel bearings with a set of 2 for each tire for around $10-$20 A tire for heave duty set from your local auto part stores, or do like I did you can get them off ebay for around $3-6.00 each ($6-12.00 a tire) or a set of 10 heave duty ones for $12- $24.00 (I was going to spend the $24.00 until I found out the same company makes both sets of wheel bearing,1 under a name brand, and 1 under store name.
The store brand and the name brand are the exact same bearing the only difference is the store brand does not have the name brand stamped on it. )

I could not see paying $6.00 for 1 tire so I spent the $12.00 (enough to do 5 tires)

The 20Ē Tires are not wire bead or Kevlar,
A set of Mr. Tuffy fixed that. $16.00

The Man Mad Fabric is not water resistance.
A $10.00 can of Tent/Fabric Water Proofing fixed that.
The Removable Top does not have a safety strap to keep it from blowing off.

no back reflectors. and or Safety Flag.

No tie down brackets

The bottom is all steal and is painted but would be better if it was lined with something , a piece of old carpet fixed that with some 2 sided tape $300. for a roll.

No padlock/chain loops to make it easier to lock up.
the tires clips on to make them easy to take on and off the clip is fine but should have a way to add a lock to the clip to keep the clip from moving so the tires can not be remover easily and stolen.
I can lock the trailer up by running a wire cable through the tires and then through the round tub that is welded on under the trailer where the tire clips on to the frame of the trailer.

Over all Iím happy with the Cargo Trailer it has cost me a total of $151.00 and well worth the cash itís not a $400.00 trailer but if you want a good dependable all steal Bike Cargo Trailer that is not fancy but will get the job done at less the 1/2 the cost of most bike trailers you will love this one, it does what a trailer do and hauls things.

If I had it to do over would I buy it again? YES.

would I tell other to buy it? Yes

Have I had any problems with it , yes 1 of the wheel bearings fell apart, the left tire was a little wobbly but still made it the 20 miles home,
I was able to use some big washer to fill up the space of the wheel bearing until mine got here but rolled fine even with out the left inside bearing. now it rolls great
other than that no problems.
If you have any questions about the trailer PM me.
You can get them at Sears, Amazon, eBay or Aosom themselves.
I do not sell, work for or am I affiliated with Aosom Trailers in any way.
Iím just a happy customer that did not have $350.00+ to spend on a bike trailer, but need a trailer real bad it turns 3-4 trips to 1 AND I love it can not see how I ever did without it

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