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Default Re: Dopor 196cc Engine?

Originally Posted by racie35 View Post
seeings how theres a vast array of laws all over the board in most states, you can expect the bikes to be different.
Your legal may not be the next guys....doesnt make them fake anything....just not like everyones.
here in CT anything with a seat height of 26" and 5hp and under is wanna pedal up hills........feel free
To the comment about there being "a vast array of laws all over the board in most states", not actually so. We've compiling a data base of Moped and motorized bicycle regs in the US that is showing a majority of states have a uniformity of compliance with under 50cc and 2 HP. CT is one of the notable exceptions at 5 HP........for the time being anyway.

To the other comments, well as Aleman succinctly put it upthread, I'm not here to debate my opinion, bicycles were made to be pedaled.

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