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Default Re: WOW ! I thought I was on my own...

Yes mate they where, they are defo oil nipples I think and one article helped me get my head around the fact early girders never had any replaceable bearings or bushes, this seems crazy now but in 1932 it wasnt exactly a pioneer bike but the were still sussing out a lot of things we now take for granted.

The forks are finally undone ! I think their wierd even by old girder fork standards, theres no bush's anywhere like you would normally find on a british bike an the bottom two linkages are a bit worn so I'll have to eventually bore them out an fit a bronze bush (if thats even possable as theres not to much meat on em), but for now I'm thinking of chucking them back together ( if I can remember how). I eventually got them apart by sussing that each bolt end has a right and left hand thread sticking through the forks from the inside, by turning the bolt one way both fork legs tighten or loosen, you have to turn two lots of bolts at the same time half a turn to get the off evenly, getting them back on however is proving to be as big as a ***** as getting them apart :roll: .

There was more good news as my new tyre, rim, and spokes arrived within the last couple of days, the wheel bulider has worked late to build it up for me, i didnt ask for him to work late on it but I was giving off 'I WANT AND NEED IT NOW' vibes (big kid), Its a thing of beauty to me and will be stared at for a while. Its all stainless an is blooming lovley

I'm going to regret the next bit but its the only way I'll remember in the long run...

Front wheel rim+ spokes+ building 205.
Front tyre 55.
Rim tape 1.50
Frame straightening 40
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