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Smile Update! Roadmaster Mtn bike 49cc bike

So I swapped out the new 49cc engine with speed carb. And I got it to RUN!
This is a first for me! I have been tinkering with this damn kit for 2 years now (a few hours a week).

I found this parts site and bought a stronger hardware kit for 10 bucks, mixmizer 2 stroke easy mixer and a couple NGK spark plugs. Just a cold weather one -40 to 80F and a hot weather 80F to 110F plug. There are "better" ones but they warn of piston hitting if clearance is close. I got my kit finally running so I'm not in a hurry to mess it up!

I looked at the Large and small front engine mount kits. I thought this will solve my problem! But after looking at my bike. The 49cc engine fits tight to the bottom tube where the water bottle holes were. I have a small V-frame so I'm happy just to get it to work. Though it would be awesome to put on a SHIFT KIT!

I just noticed I can use the REAR MOUNT BOLTS on the FRONT! So I got the old engine ones off and now I got to take the factory short ones off the new engine.

All I needed was LONGER BOLTS! I just thought it wasn't a possibility(didn't want to break it taking it out). Now I should be able to mount it no problem now. Just got to loosen the rear mounts and move it to the side. Remove one front bolt then the other and loctite and screw the longer ones in.

Lastly I ordered a spring tensioner off this guy on ebay after shopping around. Current problems are loose chain and the stock tensioner doesn't really cut it for me. I move it and it slides back(Probably stripped). I don't feel like removing more links, its a pain even with a chain breaker.

Spring tensioner I ordered:

Once I get a good chain tension and get my engine mounted well I can actually ride it(and not worry its going to break off, being held by the rear mount only). I ride start it then keep the clutch in. No load break-in just let it run for 15-20 mins then shut off.....wait to cool and try again.

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