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Default Re: I've been looking at Moped Utubes

Funny thing about moped styling. You mentioned the tank top style mopeds. One thing I never really dug about mopeds is the step through style frames. But after looking at what people do to customize their bikes, it's the step threw's that catch my imagination the most. They look ugly stock, but after removing the fenders, and changing the seat, and handle bars, they start having possibilitys.

Full suspension, and lights does have appeal, but there's a price to pay in weight. In Texas mopeds are considered motor vehicles, so there's all the registration, and inspection mess included, but it's not really a deal breaker. Since I've had a motorcycle license all my life that's not a consideration for me.

I could see myself delving into mopeds possibily someday, but my love of china girls is nowhere near sated yet. I mainly wish I could just find some mopeds to ride with. So far I've only run across a couple of Ruckus at large. I thought no motorized bicycle could ever beat any other motored bike on the street, but I actually out ran a stock 50cc Ruckus. The other one had a 150 kit and was faster than my bike.

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