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Default Re: I've been looking at Moped Utubes

I'm with you, Biknut. A friend turned me on to a Youtube video showing the Buddfab 50cc Streamliner break the world speed record at Bonneville at 150MPH and I was hooked!! I started researching Kriedler and Sachs engines and learned that you can kit them to easily reach 60+. When I saw a Sachs Prima G3 on Craigslist I snatched it up and have been rebuilding it for the past month. Top tank Sachs and Puchs are built like small motorcycles and have cast mag wheels that are super strong and will easily handle 3" headenau racing tires. Peds also have built-in lighting coils, full suspension, and robust brakes making them safe. Like motorized bicycles, mopeds are easy to customize. As you pointed out, one of the most exciting things is Ped owners view themselves as members of a community. Moped Army, for example, has chapters all over the country that sponsor races, rallys, and adventure rides. The "community culture" came from Europe where mopeds are much more common as a primary source of transportation. Good luck if you decide to "diversify".
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