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Default I've been looking at Moped Utubes

I never cared much for mopeds, but since becoming addicted to motorized bicycles, my interest has increased a little. I've been watching a lot of vids on youtube of mopeds the last few days.

What I seem to be learning is there's not much performance difference between mopeds, and motor bicycles from what I see. Of course there's always people that will find ways to improve the performance of any motor to go way beyond the design limitations of a stock motor, but talking about stock, and lightly modified motors there doesn't seem to be much difference.

The main difference seems to be the way they move off the line. Mopeds all seem to have centrifugal clutches, that allow the motor to rev a little at walking speeds, which helps get it moving a little faster off the line. China Girls seem to take a little longer to get going, but once above 15 of so there doesn't seem much difference in acceleration. Actually I think because the China Girls are lighter weight, they seem to have a slight advantage on the top end.

One thing that really drives me wild about the mopeds are the rallys they have where hundreds of moped riders show up. motorized bicycles can't seem to even get 50 people to show up. 50 seems like would be a huge crowd. We've got to change that don't we?
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