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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Still having some kind of float/carb problem on the 50- with billet and NT 66 speed carb-

keeps flooding and spilling gas- I've been riding on a float bowl at a time- using the cut off valve on the carb to periodically fill it- not good- motor dies flooded otherwise

again took the bowl and float off- and bent the arms slightly so that the float willl more quickly close the bowl valve- tested the float in the sink- it doesn't appear to leak-

I was hoping that maybe some graphite based oil i'd come across and mixed for several tanks may have been clogging it- and put the old blue oil mix in today- but several miles later it's still doing it

I'm wondering if i'd be better off with the old smaller NT carb back on- not a lot of performance differrence-

I'm ALWAYS shutting it off- almost every transition or intersection, and rolling down to "bicycle speed' to stop- the 700c x 32 tires roll forever!

too much float bowl for my meager usage? Stlill should cut the gas off tho...

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