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Default Re: What's your average speed?

Bike: Small Mountain
Engine Size: 66cc
Drive type:chain drive, 44 tooth rear sprocket
Load weight:22.6796kgs+- (50+-lbs) for bike, 75kgs (165.347lbs) for rider
Terrain: flat and with hill at 2.5Deg. sandy compact roadside
Area: semi suburbia
Average speed:40kmh (24.8548 mph)

Top speed: 58+km/h (36.0395+ mph) flat, 63km/h (39.1464mph) downhill at 2.5Degrees.

polished head dome
ported exhaust, matched intake/cylinder ports. trimmed gaskets to match holes where cylinder meets bottom end (forgot the term for that spot)
NT carb (not a mod)
Notched cylinder skirt (awesome mod btw)
teflon top- end bearing retainers made from teflon sink washers drilled out and sanded down.
KMH 415 BMX chain
Echo power blend oil
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