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Default Re: Where do you spend most of your time on your motorized bicycle?

Originally Posted by Large Filipino View Post
And no one seems to have a 20 tooth wheel sprocket to replace the 18 tooth on that wheel. Go figure. These were all over the place back in the day. Maybe I'll luck out and find me a 2 dollar kiddie bike with the sprocket I need at a thrift store.

But I have a #40 chain necklace now! I'm gonna look so fly.
Most cheap box store 26" cruisers have a 19T wheel sprocket. That's one more tooth at least. Half way there.

I have a couple of 16" wheels with 16T sprockets. So the bigger the wheel the more teeth on the sprocket. At least for bikes made after ~1980.

I'll check my pile of parts bikes when it stops raining. If I have one you can have it.

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