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Default Re: Painting my bike

yeah, I think something like that would work much better than just plain masking tape. There is always next time (might try making a fiberglass gas tank during my 12 days off of work over the holiday)

I wish I had photos to share right now, but I forgot the dang camera at home.

I sprayed the tank with the charcoal last night, then peeled up the tape. Looks good from a distance. up close it's not so hot. The edges of the graphic are all ragged. I will definitely need to pinstripe the thing. Not sure what color to use though. I have some dark green laying around, but idunno.

I also sprayed about 3 or 4 coats of the lacquer on the frame, fork, and handlebars. Looks like it's going to leave that nice hard glossy finish I was after. it actually seemed to dry much smoother than I had anticipated. Probably don't need to worry about a high grit wetsand and polish, which is nice. Didn't clear the tank obviously, since it still needs some paint work.

I was going to do the crank, gears, and cover alternating charcoal and silver, but I said forget it and just sprayed everything charcoal. I'll try to clear them tonight.

When I was doing the clear on the frame, I used an old brake cable, just the metal inner part, and hung the frame. That helped a lot. I wish I had thought of that while I was doing the color, lol.

I'll let the lacquer set for another day or two, then I guess I can start putting the bike back together, woohoo.
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