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Default Twin Engine Rack Mount

Hello all, im new to the forums and did a search and could not come up with anything regarding my build so here goes. Im building a rack mount dual engine bicycle build for my high school senior project so far i have stripped the bike (im not keeping the bicycle aspect of the bike and am replacing the cranks with a welded aluminum pipe to use as foot pegs. The engine I am using is a homelight 26cc weedeater engine and i am planning to use two engines because the rack has enough room to accomodate two motors.

My first question is that the crankshaft of the weedeater engine is 3/8 inch diameter and all the go kart clutches (maxtorque clutches) which have sprockets attached to them are 5/8 inch diameter. How would i adapt the 5/8 clutch to work on a 3/8 shaft?

My second question is that how would I sync both engines together? would both engines need to have clutches? or can I run a belt from one shaft to another and only have one clutch?

Alternatively if I cannot sync both engines together can I mount the engines facing opposite sides of the rack mount and run two clutches with two chains down to 2 sprockets on either side of the rear wheel?

Thank you very much all input is greatly appreciated
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