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Default Re: has anyone seen this?

Yup, I also think it won't work. When the wheel spins with the engine, there is a centrifugal force, so it would be very difficult to regulate the fuel flow even with a good carburetor, unless the carburetor is mounted outside the wheel, but then you have to solve the problem of intake leaks. The fuel line or intake manifold has to be dead center inside the axle. Also, with the centrifugal force, it would mean all the residual oil and carbon would accumulate inside the cylinder. I don't see any smoke from the engine in their video. I think they used an electric hub in the demo video.

For the T/C engine, the airflow is blocked on the other side. How would the air flow? and the spark plug fires outside the cylinder, then the piston and crank is pretty quite useless. And for the engine to have a rotational force, it has to be eccentric, like the rotary engine in Mazda or the rotary compressor in airconditioners.

Is Creative engineering really serious about this clutch actuator?
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