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Default Re: aftermarket parts and upgrades??

Originally Posted by Cuereus View Post

1. change the spark plug to and NGK either B5 or B6 (not sure with is better ive read it really depends on the weather?? where i am it doesnt get colder then 25C or hotter then 35C) and the and the led form the CDI

The plug heat range isn't for outside temp. changes, it's to get the right heat range in the combustion chamber, start with a 5.

2. change the sprocket to a 36t not only am i light there is also barely any hills that would effect it

Good deal.

3. change the air filter. i was going to get a better carby but ive read that the CNS requires hour upon hour of fiddling around with.

Good deal, although the stock filter is O.K. as long as you keep it clean.
4. changing the intake to a straight billet one and maybe a boost bottle to go with it

Forget the boost bottle, it's a waste of money.

5. new exhaust. ive read a little on some of them but i seem to keep reading that they modify them. i dont have access to a welder so thats a no go for me is there any that worth buy as is??

Get an expansion chamber for a decent power boost.

i dont plan on doing much else unless there is something i should do??
all thoughts and ideas are much appreciated.... and yes ill do them one at a time
Check the plug for proper burn after each mod.
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