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Default Re: aftermarket parts and upgrades??

oh yea i have a Avanti blade which runs on 700c tires so i dont think i would find much thinner tires.
the engine is the R80 from DLL (aussie supplier on ebay) and that came with a nt speed carby.

the spark plugs is for quality purposes i dont want my bike breaking down and have to wait a week for parts (did that on my first build smashed the boot and had to wait a week for a new one i didnt know of the forum then)

as for the chain im pretty sure it came with a 415 chain, ill have to check

the sprocket look really good but 40 buck just to ship it here is not worth it in my eyes not when i can get get a 36t for under 25. thats the problem with living in Australia the motorised bike scene isnt big so most of the after market parts ill have to get shipped here which is quite a bit.

thanks for the input Kat
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