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Default Re: aftermarket parts and upgrades??

I've done both the sprocket and billet intake-

both are substantial gains well worth the investment-
too small for a 50, but haven't tried it there. My 66 with stock NT Speed carb rolls very smoothly with one on flat terrain.
I don't know your set-up otherwise-

If you have a cruiser and are still running a tensioner- the smaller sprock may make that easier for you to lose that- of course you'll have to cut the chain again, and if not a multi-speed you may have to match up chain lengths with a half link- easier done on pedal chain

heres a great sprocket at a nice price- I've got two of them- if you're light and not climbing very steep and very long hills it is great for getting decent speed without having to open the throttle all the way- so it's all quieter and less vibration-
the alloy is much lighter than a steel sprock too
It may be a little
Here I'd also suggest a 415 trike chain- same width as kit chain- but smaller plates vertically and really about only HALF the weight- but above that- it ROLLS so much easier- you can really feel it while peddaling

so between the alloy sprock-
losing the tensioner -meaning FEWER chain links too
and the much lighter 415 trike/ industrial chain

the weight savings really start adding up

there's then skinnier tires- for less weight and a better roll- unless perhaps you want to ride a lot on dirt or gravel- my own bikes are more like cheaper and much lighter mopeds I guess

I've also done the spark plugs- maybe some difference- but not as much as smaller sprockets or the billet intakes

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