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Default Re: Where do you spend most of your time on your motorized bicycle?

I have a bit over 4 thousand miles on my Titan engine alone in not even a years time so I ride on a daily basis and far away from home. I also have over 3 thousand miles on my china 2 stroke and it's just waiting for me to rebuild her. I guess I haven't done it for I ride my Titan kit like there's no tomorrow.
I do have my fair share of tinkering but it's mostly lately getting gears on this Titan kit with very low outlay. And it looks like I'm gonna accomplish this task with just a different jackshaft sprocket,the only mod I need to make to this kit to allow a 3 speed wheel up front and a different chain to accept the different sprocket that the Titan sprocket on the engine side takes rather well.
I'm so close to being there just waiting for that 3 dollar shifter cable from e bay. The sprocket I can get tomorrow.
My bikes give me hope and an awesome reason for living!!!
When I break down how much I will and have spent on this 3 speed mod it boils down to 17 dollars for the 20 tooth jackshaft sprocket,25 dollars for 10 feet of #40 chain at Lowes I only needed a few links,the three speed wheel I laced up was all love and since it was just laying around that's free and maybe 10 bucks more from all those ace/Lowes visits for bits of hardware and to look cool pulling up you gotta look cool.
So all in all...52 dollars woah.
Oh and 3 dollars for the shifter cable and may get a fancy frame shifter as well.
And no one seems to have a 20 tooth wheel sprocket to replace the 18 tooth on that wheel. Go figure. These were all over the place back in the day. Maybe I'll luck out and find me a 2 dollar kiddie bike with the sprocket I need at a thrift store.

But I have a #40 chain necklace now! I'm gonna look so fly.
You have found the fountain of youth. Ride and forever stay young.

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