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Default Re: has anyone seen this?

Guys, from an engineering stand point:

This is a classic example of smoke and mirrors. Look through the site, (it is nicely done), and find one shred of evidence that this will actually work as advertised and at a price that any one would be willing to pay!!!

The first person to show me I'm wrong get's a free clutch actuator...The first person that tells me WHY this won't work, also get's a free clutch kit.

Now for more fun...I just have to do this because I've seen so many awesome websites that portray revolutionary products that aren't even remotely realistic.

The T/C engine is a classic example of computer technology run wild...(Smoke and Mirrors).

The inventor of the T/C engine called and asked that I download the files and quote a prototype of his engine...He found me through the B.R.E. website. I looked at his 3D CAD files and realized immediately that there was no way this was going to work. I called him back and asked him if the engineering had been finalized...Oh yes he says, just quote the parts...O.K. no problem. My quote was 98K. He says great!, now can you guarantee it will work!!! Of course NOT, you said the engineering was done...I'm just going to make the parts!!!

Look through this site...the first person to figure out why this engne will not work, will get a clutch kit and the product of thier choice! Billet this, billet that, you decide.

(Don't look for complicated stuff...the web site is nice but the engine is horribly flawed)

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