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Default biggest motor/ hp with shift kit?

I am planning on another bike build after completing my Felt/99cc build (which is working out wonderfully and a joy to drive).

I have thought of building a bike with a shift kit so I only have to run 1 chain to the rear wheel for a nice clean look. I'd like to run a 4 stroke engine and build my own shift kit setup.

My main concern will be the strength of the chain that would run from the crank to the rear wheel, will it stand up to a 3-4hp engine?

Should I build my own crank gear set and run a #41 chain to the back?

The only shift kit setups I've seen so far are with small 49c engines and the like usually not producing much power (instead taking advantage of the added ratios).

Currently I have my Felt bike with a 99cc predator and 10:1 ratio that works fine for me, pulls any hill in the area with ease, this is the only thing I really have to compare to.

So will a standard bike chain work or will it break with 3-4hp? Whats the recommended limit for standard bike chain?

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