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Default Re: Had my little putter for a year now...

pb blaster I will put that on my list of things to get. I got my kit from MotorMike on ebay, I admit it was foolish to hook her up with out cracking it open but I was so excited!! Fortunately I wont have that problem this time as I'll be rebuilding her.

I do have a question. I've seen people recommend a full break down and cleaning out of the kits but that was before break in. Since I've wiped the crankshaft case and the piston housing down with a clean cloth to get any possible metal particles after her break in period I'm not sure if I should just run her through break in again or give the housing and crankshaft case a light coating of machine oil then run her through break in. Will just running her through break in again provide enough lubrication? If I do need to machine oil her as I reassemble what weight and brand do you recommend?
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