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Default how to lengthen steerer tube on a bicycle

have you ever cut a steerer tube to short? found a great fork for a great price but the steer tube was to short? well i have a bike with a very long neck and no one makes a steer tube that long. i ordered a fork for a great price i was told would work however and when i got it in it the steerer tube was about 3/4 inches short. it is a 1 1/8 standard steerer tube which most bicycles use except bmx bikes. i found out the inside diameter is only 1" which you can find one inch pipe anywhere. i cut the steer tube in half and inserted a piece of one inch pipe and and had it welded to the proper length. i have read all over the net on how to extend them however i think it was just one of them things that was to simple and no one figured out yet or i just couldn't find where. here is a picture of how it was done. made my motorized bicycle that more comfortable to ride. very happy
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