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Unhappy new member. long time motorised bike user. need help

Hi there,
Have been lurking these forums for months and finally decided to make an account as i cant seem to find a solution to my problem even though there are hundreds of threads about it.

I have two 66/80cc bikes. Recently my newer bike (about 250km on the engine) has started stalling when idoling. I know what your thinking (oh great, another idiot who cant read forums) however i have been riding motorised bikes for years and have had many problems in the past. It first started stalling when my killwsitch wires melted onto the exhaust forming a circuit and killing the bike instantly. I replaced the wiring and all was well again but now was stalling on idol. Played around with the idol screw and no luck. I can be riding and disengage the clutch and it will rev up to about 3500-4000 and then drop slowly until stall but if i have idol screw further out it stalls instantly when clutch is disengaged. So replaced killswitch and throttle, no luck. Tried all the usual suspects, spark plug was the right colour but replaced plug and module. Replaced carb incase of hairline cracks that i couldnt see and sealed it as usual. Fresh fuel mixed at 26:1and even added a breather to the tank cap. Cleaned guck out of exhaust and cleaned baffles. Float is at the same level as my chopper with same engine and carb. Any suggestions guys?
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