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Default Re: New Guy-1st Build-Im thinkin 4Stroke??

i thought the 2 strokes would have been the beez knee's also but there just not built well... i have had 2 of them and my 4stroke kit has done double the ammount of k's than both of them combined
i mean if you were to put a morine motor in there i would love that because there built well
but imo and experience has made me love my 4stroke (i have also talked to another local and he said he was also going to 4stroke)
but hey thats my 2cents
maybe ones from dax are better than the ones i got i dont know all i know is one failed prematurly from dodgy casting ruining the bore and the second went for longer than 15 minutes and went approx 300 - 400km and the clutch froze on me i will see how the mix of both of those bikes go together when i have some time
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