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Default Re: Thinking about buying a mig-welder...

Even before I was welding with TIG or my own MIG I bought, I got an understanding of welding at an electronics lab at school.

There is this thing that measures characteristic curves of electronic components, a Tektronix 576 Curve Tracer.

This guy took a small transistor T092 size and should have known he hooked it up wrong as he was not seeing on the screen as others had shown.

There is a plastic cover that should go over the top of the place you install the transistor, but it was missing. The cover also has an interlock to keep a lower level of current allowed.

The guy put a tooth pick in the interlock and evaded it. Then he stepped the current up high enough the plastic flew off the transistor and molten silicon and metal as a small glowing ball flew up and over his head and landed on the particle board bench I was at.

The glowing ball smoked and sizzled around in a concentric circle for a while. As it slowed it rate of speed on the surface of the bench it melted down in about a half and inch while on fire.

A charred desk top with the nice design was left for me to see and contemplate.

I use a linen sort of medium weight long sleeve jacket with collar up and a leather apron doing MIG. Everything else is cotton except the leather apron. The helmet uses a AA batteries and has a audible warning if low and a flashing led. You can test it before each use by testing with a button. If the test won't work you know to replace the batteries. The test darkens the screen so it is really what I like. Safety 3rd is fun camp at Burning Man Event, but otherwise I strive to be mild mannered

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